It's Time to work Together!

Social Issues


Yellowknife Centre faces ongoing challenges in the downtown core. Present conditions are negatively affecting the quality of life for residents and impacting downtown businesses. As Yellowknife continues to grow as a tourist destination the current state presents a negative for the city as a whole and the tourism industry specifically. A new approach is required. The need for an indigenous cultural/run wellness and treatment centre has never been so apparent. Addiction problems do not come out of nowhere, the underlying trauma suffered by many requires urgent attention and action.

We are in a crisis position with the lack of affordable independent living housing for seniors. This will increase rapidly as a many are nearing retirement. Yellowknife is expensive enough for those working. For those on fixed income living in Yellowknife can be cost prohibitive. New developments and methods for financing and administering them are needed. Lands held by the GNWT within the borders of Yellowknife must to be transferred to the city in to provide space for these urgently required housing options.

Day care is the elephant in the room for many families and single parents. There is simply not enough. Common sense revisions of existing regulations are required to eliminate barriers to entry for many who aspire to enter this required field. An affordable subsidy program must be considered and explored. The current after the fact tax rebate does little to help parents cash flow daycare expenses in the here and now.